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About Cheryl

follow your bliss

The Follow Your Bliss Bracelets Story:

Follow Your Bliss Bracelets was founded in 2012 when Cheryl Murphy began creating simple bracelets as gifts for family and friends. Her designs have evolved to reflect many of her own personal interests including yoga, meditation, spirituality, nature and aromatherapy. Cheryl’s focus is on creating original and inspiring jewelry that is a reflection of the wearer’s own story, through thoughtful combinations of the high quality semi-precious gemstones, crystals, and symbolic charms. Each piece is unique and mindfully handcrafted with the highest intention for the wearer.

 Cheryl showcases her designs at retail stores, yoga studios, and select festivals throughout the year. Custom orders and special requests are encouraged.

 Comfortable and easy to wear, FYB Bracelets encourage you to find and follow your BLISS.

Available for purchase at: 

bliss... Roanoke, VA

Grace Yoga and Healing Pathways, Cloverdale, VA

Be Pure Beauty, Durham, NC